The simple search  or the advanced search boxes are the two entry areas of the IGB database.

Click the « Search » button on the left of the screen to get to the search box.

Use the keywords list to perform your search.

Peculiarities of search for documents

It is important to note that :

Search results display

Once you have performed your search, click the « OK » button (or the « Enter » key). The search results will be presented as a paginated list.

Use the the pagination bar (at the top or the bottom of the screen) to browse the list of records.

You can go directly to a given page of the list and choose the number of results to be displayed.

Detailed record display

In order to get  more information about an item, click on the link of this result.

The pagination system at the top and the bottom of the record allows you to navigate through your results one by one without returning to the full  results listing.

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