2014, volume 119, in 2 tomes (Bibliographic records and index)

This volume n°119 was the last to be published due to the IGB closure at the end of 2014.


    This publication presents the “Geographic” records annual excerpt from the FRANCIS-CNRS database.

    - Tome 1:  3 514 records (articles from the major international geographical journals, books, theses, maps and atlases which are classified by sections (theoretical, thematic and regional) with analyses in French or in English.

    - Tome 2:  the list of the processed documents and the three indexes (Subject matter, Places, Authors).

    The IGB is mainly bought in the European countries (France, Germany and Italy)

    - Price list including taxes : France : 104 €, Overseas : 110 €

    - Contact :

  •    01 44 07 75 84


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