A reflection on a century on geography


The The journal Annales de Géographie was established by P. Vidal de la Blache and M. Dubois. As a sub-editor, L. Raveneau was in charge of the bibliographic section. From 1895 on  and under his supervision,  it was edited as a separate and yearly edition.  It was a selective and critical bibliography.


The Geographical Bibliography was published independently from the Annales de Géographie by the newly created French Association of Geographers. Elicio Colin was named editor of the Bibliography.


The name of the Bibliography was changed to the International Geographical Bibliography in accordance with wishes expressed at the Cairo International Geographical Congress in 1925 and in Paris in 1931, under the auspices of an international patronage committee.


The 1947 edition was published under the auspices of the International Geographical Union (IGU) and with the support of the UNESCO


The editor resigned.  The different sections were managed by geographers and their teammates. Pierre George had been in charge of the Eastern Europe section since 1931 and became the “de facto” director. As a representative of the IGU and thanks to his efforts, he maintained the international participation.  All the topics and areas remained covered.


The CNRS started to support the publication. 


From then on, sub-editing was carried-out by specialized librarians, including Françoise Grivot for 20 years.


The IGD was then managed by the Geographical Documentation and Cartographical Service (GDCS) of the CNRS.


A decisive stage:  The Bibliography was computerized following  a project by Roger Brunet.  It comprised two products: a printed bulletin and a bibliographical database. The keywords are in French and in English. The INTERGÉO laboratory director became the editor-in-chief of the publication.


A 12 member international evaluation committee was set up.


The technical management of the database and the printed edition of the bulletin are implemented by the Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (INIST).


The PRODIG laboratory maintains the expansion of the database and re-edits the quarterly bulletin on a two-yearly volume basis (references and index), which was previously edited by INIST.


The new international scientific committee is reformed and meets every two years.


The keywords are translated into Spanish.


The IGB internet site is created : http://bgi-prodig.inist.fr/


The IGB Web site becomes bilingual, French/English.

End of 2014

As a result of the CNRS' new scientific and technical information strategy, the IGB database was closed.

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