The IGB network is made up of 17 correspondents who specialize in some topics or countries and send bibliographic records.

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    This international network is made up of 4 French members and 13 foreign ones coming from the following countries: South Africa, Algeria, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Romania.

    The covered topics are in italics.

- A. Bendjelid, Professor at the University of Oran (Algeria, Maghreb, The Arab World)

- J.-P. Besancenot, CNRS Research Director, (Climatology)

- F. Carré, Professor, University of Paris IV (Fishing)

- A.J. Christopher, Professor, University of Port Elizabeth (South Africa)

- H. Clout, Professor, University College London (Human Geography)

- N. Fusco, Italian Geographic Society (Italy)

- C. Iatu, Professor, University of Iasi (Romania)

- B. Jaworska, Sub-editor, Institute of Geography, Warsaw (Poland)

- I. Knez Racic, Librarian, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

- G. Lubeigt, CNRS researcher (Burma)

- A. Magyar, Librarian, Institute of Geography of Budapest (Hungary)

- E. Mérenne, Professor, University of Liège (Belgium)

- H. Nicolaï,  Professor, Free University of Brussels (Congo, former Zaïre)

- E. Novotná, Librarian, Institute of Geography of Prague (Czech Republic)

- D. Saint-Jean, Sub-editor, University of Toulouse – Le Mirail (Revue Sud-Ouest Européen)

- Dj. Sari, Professor, University of Algiers (Algeria)

- B. Szabó,  Research Assistant, Institute of Geography of Budapest (Hungary)

- J. Wilmet, Emeritus Professor, Catholic University of Louvain (Remote sensing)

    As a geographer, please inform us of the major works or research topics that are published in your country, so you can contribute to enriching the database even further.

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