(International Colloquy - 1989)

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Middle and Upper pleistocene and Holocene stratigraphy in the southern North Sea between 52o and 54o N, 2o to 4o E in The Quaternary and Tertiary geology of the Southern Bight, North Sea.

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CAMERON T. D. J. ; SHCUTTENHELM R. T. E. ; LABAN C. ; Belgian Geological Survey ; 


There was no connection across the southern North Sea between the Saalian and Weichselian ice sheets of northern Europe and eastern England. Periglacial conditions prevailed offshore during both of these glacial periods, except in the northwest, where up to 15 m of till was deposited during late Weichselian times. Marine sands and clays were deposited in the southern North Sea during the Holsteinian and Eemian interglacial periods. The sediments of the Holocene transgression have been subdivided into six formations on the BGS/RGD maps, based on their lithology and shell content



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Editor : BELGIQUE (1989)

Millesime : 1989 [pp. 119-135]

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