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Sediment accumulation in low sedimentation, wave-dominated, glaciated inlets in Sedimentology of fjords.


Many fjords situated in lowland areas of resistant bedrock are characterized by a comparatively low fluvial sediment flux and are often dominated by wave processes. Several such fjords in Eastern Canada are used as examples to develop a generalized sediment distribution model. Storm waves resuspend fine-grained sediment in water depths of tens of metres and produce near bottom turbid water zones within basins. Fine sands and silt settle out rapidly, leading to the deposition of graded beds on the basin floors. Residual sand and gravel accumulate on the near-shore platforms while silt and mud prograde over or are advected beyond basin slopes, burying older basin-fill sediment.


Article of periodic

published at : Sedimentary geology Amsterdam

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Millesime : 1983, vol. 36, no2-4 [pp. 195-215]

Bibliographic references : 34 réf.



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