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Climatochronostratigraphic subdivision of the last cool period (Vistulian)

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The project of a climatochronostratigraphic subdivision of the last cool period (Vistulian), on the ground of age interpretation of astronomic curves, palaeoclimatic marine and terrestrial deposits as well as of stratigraphic schemes of other authors and on the ground of the author's own studies. These data point out that the palaeoclimatic phenomena occurred on both hemispheres at the same time. The distinguished geoclimatochrones were found to be delayed about 4 540 years in relation to astroclimatochrones. From the astronomic point of view the world wide warming occurred already 17 000 years ago i. e. during Lascaux-Mazurian warming. The Vistulian Glaciation was found to contain a cooling of interval order, lasting from 73 790 to 12 460 years ago (Vistulian stricto sensu), preceded by a thermo-interval including Eemian, Amersfoort, Brorup and Odderade, and followed by a thermo-interval with warmings of Bolling, Allerod and Holocene. Also, five units of megastadial order, lasting 20 440 years each, fifteen of stadial order, 6 820 years each and forty four units of substadial order, 2 270 years each, were distinguished. The beginning of the Vistulian lato sensu was fixed at about 115 000 years ago and the end of this period before the Bolling warming i. e. 12 460 years ago. (L'A.).


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published at : Quaternary studies in Poland Warszawa-Poznan

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Millesime : 1981, no3 [pp. 129-145]

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