(International Gondwana symposium. 5th - 1981)

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Crustal structures and tectonic significance of Antarctic rift zones (from geophysical evidence) in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.

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MASOLOV V. N. ; KURININ R. G. ; GRIKUROV G. E. ; CRESSWELL M. M. (Editeur scientifique) ; VELLA P. (Editeur scientifique) ;


In Antarctica, many of the rift grabens have been preserved by covering ice. Some have been sufficiently well studied by geophysical methods to be recognised at three different crustal levels i. e., the bedrock surface, the surface of solid crust, and the surface of the Moho discontinuity. The rift zones are commonest in the lows of bedrock relief related to extensive intra and pericontinental structural depressions. This suggests that the Antarctic shelf, which is about 40 % of the total area of the Antarctic landmass, was largely formed by rifting, which has been the main process causing destruction of Antarctic continental shelf. A simular mechanism is believed to have been responsible for the fragmentation of all Gondwana and consequent formation of the Southern Ocean.



International Gondwana symposium. 5th ()

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