(Tephra studies as a tool in quaternary research - 1981)

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Tephrochronology at DSPD site 502 in the western Caribbean in Tephra studies.

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LEDBETTER M. T. ; SELF S. (Editeur scientifique) ; SPARKS R. S. J. (Editeur scientifique) ; NATO Advanced Study Institute ; 


A composite core consisting of four Hydraulic Piston Cores at DSDP Site 502 in the western Carribbean were analyzed for dispersed tephra. Peaks in dispersed tephra abundance were combined with megascopic ash layers to produce a tephrochronology which is based on the magnetostratigraphy and biostratigraphy for the section recovered. The frequency of tephra falls at Site 502 increased in the late Miocene and Quaternary| this may be related to subduction rates of the Cocos Plate under Central America, or to major changes in wind direction over Central America.



Tephra studies as a tool in quaternary research ()

Editor : Unknown country of publication (1981)

Millesime : 1981 [pp. 281-288]

Bibliographic references : 20 réf.




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