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Holocene changes in tropical wind intensity and rainfall: evidence from southeast Ghana

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Remnants of a fixed aeolian dune ridge occur along the southeast coast of Ghana, just behind the present shoreline. Aeolian sands also cover extensive areas of the Accra Plains. No dunes are present here, the sands mainly occurring as sheets which blanket an early Holocene landscape. The sediments are of mid-Holocene age and were deposited during the interval 4500B.P. 3800yr B.P., when the southwesterly winds were stronger than they are at present and much of tropical Africa seems to have been subject to marked aridity. The onset of drier, windier conditions around 4500yr B.P. brought to an end the more equable climates that had characterized much of West Africa during the earlier Holocene. Aridity, intensified winds, and desert expansion between 4500 and 3800yr B.P. parallel environmental conditions in tropical continental areas at the height of the Late Pleistocene glaciation.


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published at : Quaternary research New York

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Millesime : 1981, vol. 16, no2 [pp. 201-220]

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