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Ein neues Formenelement im litoralen Benthos des Mittelmeerraumes: die Klein-Atolle ("Boiler"-Riffe) bei Phalasarna/Westkreta. in Beiträge zur Geomorphologie und Länderkunde. Prof. Dr. Harmut Valentin zum Gedächtnis.. (Un nouvel élément du benthos littoral de la Méditerranée: les micro-atolls (récifs "boiler") à Phalasarna, Crête occidentale)

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ZIMMERMANN L. ; HOFMEISTER B. (Editeur scientifique) ; STEINECKE A. (Editeur scientifique) ;


In the Bay of Phalasarna at the very exposed coast of Western Crete cup-shaped microatolls grow up on a slightly sloped, conglomeratic submarine platform reaching the intertidal zone. On their surfaces small lagoons are dammed by prominent marginal rims. Many of these cup bioherms, with some meters in diameter, have joint to strange shaped barrier reef flats nearly 50 meters long. The coralline algae Neogoniolithon notarissii as well as the vermetids Vermetus cristatus and Vermetus arenarius are the main reef builders. In the upper subtidal zone sessile foraminiferes of the family Homotremidae, corals as Balanophyllia italica participate in building up these microatolls. This type of reef which shows striking resemblance to the Bermuda Boilers was unknown in the Mediterranean area hitherto. In comparison to the Bermuda Boilers some aspects of the Cretan microatolls'age are given with the aid of C-dates.



ISBN : 3-7983-0632-X

Editor : Unknown country of publication (1980)

Millesime : 1980 [pp. 135-153]




Maison des sciences de l'homme - Paris

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