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Kolebanija vodnosti rek Sovetskogo Sojuza. (Variations de la quantité d'eau dans les cours d'eau de l'Union Soviétique) (Inconnue)

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Multi-year oscillations of the river water content are caused by departures from the average values of climatic runoff factors and the impact of economic activities. For majority of the USSR rivers the runoff norm has been established by 1961. Analysis of observational results for 1961-1976 demonstrated that in spite of the extremely lack of water during 1971-1976 over the major portion of the USSR the incorporation of these years in the preceding period almost does not change the runoff norm. From data of water consumption by 1976 and calculations of channel water balances of basic USSR rivers a value of irretrievable water consumption is established which is equal to 149km per year| that is close to 3% from the magnitude of water resources of the USSR rivers. In the Central Asia 65% of water resources are consumed irretrievably, in the Transcaucasia 20%, at the Northern Caucasus and Kazakhstan 18%. Within the Northern European USSR, Siberia and the Far East the runoff of rivers is pratically natural.


Article of periodic

published at : Meteorologija i gidrologija Moskva

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Millesime : 1979, no1 [pp. 86-91]

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