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Bilans cieplny cia a cz owieka jako podstawa podzia u bioklimatycznego obszaru Iwonicza. (The heat balance of the human body as a basis for the bioclimatic divide of the health resort Iwonicz)

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The study is based on M. I. Budyko's equation of the heat balance of the human body surface, modified in the following way: R + M = LE + P + R where: R solar radiation absorbed by the human body surface, M metabolic heat production, LE evaporational loss of heat, P turbulent loss of sensible heat, R heat loss ny long-wave radiation. Each component of the equation may be expressed in cal. cm. min, if the human body model is considered as a geometrical cylinder. In our study we are concerned with a human body dressed in normal summer clothing with thermal insulation properties 1 CLO, with M=0.10cal. cm. min=const. The results of meteorological measurements which we made simultanously once every hour in three points in Iwonicz (a health resort in southern Poland) in 1971-1973 mainly in the summer, provide the basic material for the solution of the equation. We determined for each of measurements points: 1. The frequency of mean skin temperature,, 2. The structure of the heat balance of the human body surface i.e. the ratio of absolute values of heat lost (LE, P. R) and heat income (R+M), 3. The types of the structure of the heat balance of the human body surface namely: the transpiration type, the turbulent type, the radiation type, the mixed type, 4. Significance of differences occurring in the spatial distribution of mean skin temperature and of the structure of the heat balance of the human body surface (by means of statistical tests X, t). The frequency of transpiration and turbulent types were used for divided the investigated area into two bioclimatic units. (L'A.).


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published at : Prace geograficzne Warszawa

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Millesime : 1979, no131  [71 pages]

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