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Geneticeskie tipy pocv subtropikov Zakavkaz'ja.. (Types génétiques de sols dans la région subtropicale de la Transcaucasie soviétique) (Inconnue)


The book contains a review of data on basic soil types of the Transcaucasian subtropics. The originality of Transcaucasian subtropical soils permits to distinguish groups of soils of humid, semiarid and arid subtropics and to regard them in total as a subtropical soil microcosm. The basic soils of humid subtropics (krasnozems, zheltozems, subtropical pseudopodzolic soils) are characterized in detail, as well as soils widely spread in semiarid and arid regions (cinnamonic, meadow-cinnamonic and grey-cinnamonic soils). The problem of byelozems (gypsum-calcareous soils-pans) and black subtropical soil to be distinguished and thoroughly investigated is considered. All the data presented in this book allow to regard the subtropical soil microcosm in the Soviet Transcaucasus as a geographic analog of some subtropical areas of the world. This book is also a valuable contribution to the general scientific theory of subtropical pedogenesis.



Editor : izd-vo Nauka, Moskva - URSS (1979)

Millesime : 1979  [272 pages]

Bibliographic references : 14p.




Maison des sciences de l'homme - Paris

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